Month: August 2019

Reputation Management

Never lose your cool with customers on social media forums. Even if you disagree with a customer, do not attack or act rudely towards the customer. Try to help the customer as best as you can and move on. Always act professionally since you do not want to create a bad reputation for your company.

To help increase your online presence consider using social media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will help you build business presence both online and offline. To use social media effectively you must post statuses regularly. When posting information through a social media website, use keywords, and give your readers information that they actually need.

Host contests to help bolster your reputation. This is especially important if you have received a bad review. A contest will create a lot of positive information about your company which can help increase your company’s exposure online. This technique will also help raise your page rank on Internet search engines.

Be personable online. Communicate as often as you can with your followers. If a question is posted, answer it as quickly as you can. If you hear a question that you can’t answer right away, indicate that you … Read the rest

Secret of Consistent Communication

Automation is the key that keeps communication consistent.

Start by sharing your expertise in the form of a PDF report that can be easily downloaded. Then your visitor simply follows simple instructions on your site, saves the file to their desktop and they are on their way to understanding more about your work and business. You’ve also provided them with a way to share your business with people they know.

Your cost to provide this idea is effort. Cost to the web site visitor, new prospect or existing client; no cost at all, just great value.

Provide your clients and prospects with a convenient way to opt-in to your list for a weekly or monthly communication about your topic. Commit to sending information at least monthly. Of course, more often is desirable.

This is most easily done by auto responder. Companies like AWeber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and many others provide this service for a very reasonable cost per month.

Automate your communication efforts by using one of these services and you are well on your way to communication efficiency in a minimal amount of time.

Structure your communication for maximum effect.

How do you write about what you know?

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Become Open to Inspirational Business Ideas

The first thing that you’ll need to do is get rid of your preconceived notions. That is much easier said than done, but it is possible. You’ll start with identifying your preconceptions and determining which of them might keep you from being open to an idea when it comes along. Then, get rid of that assumption entirely. This way, you have nothing blocking the path if a good idea should come along.

Next, you’ll need to start paying more attention to your surroundings. It is very easy to become so used to your regular routine that you don’t notice the things around you. But those things are going to be what inspires your business ideas. As you go about your daily life, look for things that are related to business. In particular, look for niches that have to be filled, for needs that are not being met. These are where you will find the best business ideas.

You also have to know how to recognize the good ideas and sift out the bad ones. This requires that you think through an idea thoroughly before you do any work towards it. You need to determine exactly how the idea will work … Read the rest

Become Thought Leader In Industry

  • Thought leadership is all about providing useful information to your customers. There is a goldmine of information waiting to be dug up in consumer feedback and statistics. The first place to start is by conducting research of your own, slicing and dicing data sets to identify and derive insights, and sharing your results with your readers.
  • People love entertainment. Provide a fresh source of humor or wit in your content, whilst including personal anecdotes or stories of how or why something happened to you or someone you know in a way that relates to everyday customers. Highlight how a certain approach, product, or insight helped you or them overcome the problem at hand. This will imprint your comments and suggestions in memory, and casual customers will be more likely to remember you. Whenever they are ready to take the plunge and are ready to buy or purchase something, your suggestions will drive their actions.
  • Start small, with a blog. Refine your online presence. Use your blog, Facebook page, or LinkedIn account to showcase your knowledge. Include relevant, beneficial content everywhere you post.
  • Promote your content in the right places, in the right way, while you work on building your online
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Start Custom Embroidery Business

There are several reasons for which people would want to start a custom embroidery business in Chicago. Everybody wishes to live the life of financial freedom. Some people are creative artistes and want to use their flair in a business. Flexibility in working hours is also an important feature that attracts people towards this business. Many people also enter this field because they feel that through this business they can earn unlimited money.

You must be wondering over all these reasons and thinking over them before you decide to venture into this business. The very first factor affecting your decision will be the profitability of the business. No business owner will ever start a new business unless he is satisfied that he is going to earn a good amount of money with the business. Reasons for opting for this business are that almost everywhere people have the tendency of buying embroidered goods. So your business will definitely run as the risk factor is minimal. Besides, you have the liberty of choosing the timing of your business in this field. For example you can run your business on a part time basis or on the full time basis, as per your … Read the rest

Hiring Business Attorney

Reasons for Hiring a Business Attorney:

  • The expertise of an attorney is needed to decide which kind of business structure i.e. corporation, LLC, LLP, Sole proprietorship etc. to opt for while deciding to start a business.
  • Business attorneys are needed while forming a business entity, their advice and guidance is needed while forming articles of incorporation etc.
  • They are needed for obtaining licenses and permits necessary, negotiate lease of office or retail space.
  • They are necessary while filing a patent or registering a trademark, registering your business for federal and state tax identification numbers, help you file the tax forms according to the kind of entity your business is.
  • Attorneys are needed to prepare contracts when you deal with suppliers, clients, as well as help guide you while signing contracts other people have prepared.
  • Attorneys are needed to guide you regarding banking and financing, business negotiations, business planning and transactional business laws.
  • Expertise of a qualified attorney is needed while acquisitions, mergers, sale of business or closure of business etc.
  • Their guidance is necessary regarding civil, intellectual, labor, and environmental laws.
  • They are hired to deal with litigations if any.

The Reasons for Hiring a Business Attorney are therefore many … Read the rest

Make Money Doing Almost Zero Work

I’ve ALREADY written the emails I’ll be sending to my email list whilst I’m away. I’ve just scheduled them to be sent at specific times over the next two weeks (with at least one email being sent every day).

If you’re a beginner when it comes to email marketing (or you don’t currently know anything about it at all), let me assure you this is very easy to do. You just need to write your emails on whichever email service provider platform you use (I decided to go with a company called Aweber) and then you schedule it to be sent on a time and a date of your choice.

It really is that simple.

And you know what?

I think this is the BIGGEST benefit of email marketing… The fact you can run a business which lets you live a great life.

This is the holy grail of business, right?

Yet so many entrepreneurs struggle to do this. Their sales and marketing consists of them wasting hours and hours on social media and/or on making cold calls. Whilst I’m not denying these methods can be effective at making sales, they certainly aren’t the most time-efficient method.

Think about

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Make Money With Amazon

Selling “In Demand” Products

The first – and probably most common – way to make money with Amazon is to sell “in demand” products which are already being purchased en masse.

It’s very easy to spot these – just look at the likes of JungleScout or even some of Amazon’s “Best Sellers” lists – in order to determine any products which may be being bought in significant numbers.

The trick here is that if you’re able to buy the same products either directly from the supplier / manufacturer, or from some other source, at a cheaper price than is listed on Amazon – you’ll essentially be able to buy in bulk quantities products that are popular, listing them for sale on the platform for a profit.

As mentioned, this is the most popular way that people enter the “Amazon” arena – with most people typically gravitating towards products they either know a lot about, or have access to (from their employment or similar). It’s quick and simple… but is not hugely profitable (very competitive), and typically requires decent capital investment up front.

Creating White Label Products

The next level-up for the world of Amazon is to create “white label” products.… Read the rest

Find Ultimate Personal Business

Handyman or woman

It is extremely rare in our current environment to find a family where someone is home everyday to do the chores, to fix the little things that go wrong, to organize the closets or garage. It would be great to find someone who at a reasonable cost can help do all those little things around the house you just do not have the time for? Can you pull some weeds, clean up and rearrange the backyard and patio, clean up and rearrange the garage so that the second car can finally get in, put new screws in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that they finally close properly? Can this be a business? The answer is yes. You have found yourself a great little business, and based on the sampling of people I talked to in my neighborhood, you will be as busy as you want to be.

Temporary Service Provider

Things happen everyday where working family members get caught up in a project, are stuck in traffic, must attend an unexpected meeting and need to call a friend or neighbor to pick up the kid, take grandma to the doctors for a check-up or to the … Read the rest

Manage Business Risks

When one does an internet search for risk management techniques and processes, there are a number of links that are thrown up by search engines. Some of the typical subjects that are result of such internet searches are insurance, OSHA standards, financial safeguards, issues related to environment protection and sustenance, government legalities, computer back up systems etc. All of these are risk control systems and are specialized topics for risk control. However, they do not help a business to identify risks.

For any risk management system to succeed, business owners and or managers to take steps to ensure that all the steps involved in risk management system are followed comprehensively. Risk management requires adherence to five steps: identifying risks, quantify them, making strategies to contain risks, formulate and implement strategies conscientiously and monitor risk containment tasks continuously.

Complicated though it may seem, for any business especially small businesses to manage risks well, they should follow the five-fold management system. A good starting place will be with the business plan itself. Reading through the business plans with a man from the Mars view will give one a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved. A good strategy will be to think of … Read the rest