Handyman or woman

It is extremely rare in our current environment to find a family where someone is home everyday to do the chores, to fix the little things that go wrong, to organize the closets or garage. It would be great to find someone who at a reasonable cost can help do all those little things around the house you just do not have the time for? Can you pull some weeds, clean up and rearrange the backyard and patio, clean up and rearrange the garage so that the second car can finally get in, put new screws in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that they finally close properly? Can this be a business? The answer is yes. You have found yourself a great little business, and based on the sampling of people I talked to in my neighborhood, you will be as busy as you want to be.

Temporary Service Provider

Things happen everyday where working family members get caught up in a project, are stuck in traffic, must attend an unexpected meeting and need to call a friend or neighbor to pick up the kid, take grandma to the doctors for a check-up or to the market to get something she needs, get dinner from the Chinese restaurant down the street before the family gets home, take the boy (or girl) to baseball practice or dance school. How many times can someone ask a family member, friend or neighbor to help out? It be terrific if I could call someone I trust, who lives in the area, who for a reasonable price will do these temporary chores so that I do not need to bother my family or friends all the time? Can this be a business? The answer is yes. I know someone who washes cars at night and early in the morning for people who are too busy to get to a carwash and need the car cleaned when they finally get home or before they leave in the morning. He makes a good living, and his entire inventory is a battery operated hand vacuum, a bucket, a couple of soft sponges, several soft drying cloths and a few cleaning agents.

House Sitter

This is a great part-time job for a single person, someone who lives with relatives or rents a room or small apartment and who can leave for several days and not have to worry about maintaining his or her own living area.

People need to go on business trips, trade shows or events or take vacations. Some people own weekend homes. In almost every case, they do not want to leave their homes empty for several days even if they have security. Who will water the plants? Who will be there when an important delivery is made? Who will feed the fish or other household pet? The answer is you!
You get paid and can live in a variety of nice houses and get paid to do so. This is a job, so do not invite your friends over or have a party. You will not last long as a house sitter if you do not follow the rules.


Many students from first grade to college encounter difficulty with one or more subject, and for one reason or another, the teacher is just not getting through or the student is just not getting it. Are you really good at math, history, English, Spanish or any other subject or subjects for which a student needs help? Do you work well with children? Are you patient? If the answers are yes, you will have parents banging on your door to help children of all ages learn what you know.

This is only a sampling of businesses that can be started for very little money and still make you a nice living. If you take the time to think about it, you will come up with many more, and one of them will be right for you. A lot of positive articles and books have been written about starting a business on the net. Believe me, there are thousands of success stories, but there are also many more failures. The opportunities are amazing, but there are many land-minds in traveling that path. How to create and build a successful internet business will be the – stuff – of several articles I will be writing in the future. This article is for people where hands on businesses may be the best way to go. Families need help in their everyday lives, and the opportunities to start and succeed in a business that offers them benefits that will make their lives better and easier are there for the taking.