Modular offices can be leased or bought outright. The cost varies depending on the style and size of the unit and the length of the lease, if applicable. The array of combinations in modular offices that you can have is vast. You can combine open plan office space with toilets, showers, kitchen units, locker space and much more. That is the real beauty of modular offices – you can mix and match to suit your needs exactly.

Building regulations in many countries can prohibit the erection of a brick-built construction, but modular offices are permitted. That is why increasingly greater numbers of premises are actually comprised of modular offices even if they are intended to be permanent fixtures. The loophole exists because modular offices can be moved if necessary. Any one unit can be hoisted onto a low-loader truck and moved on the road. Therefore planning permission for the installation of a modular office is likely to be granted far more easily than for a more permanent structure.

Toilet units are the most common type of modular office that most people have seen. These are used at outdoor events such as music festivals or air shows, for example. The unit has toilet cubicles and sinks with a basic steel constructed shell. The exterior of a modular office can have a variety of sidings to blend in with the surroundings. Almost any color is possible. This can be particularly useful for use at trade shows where a company can rent modular offices in their branded colors if wanted.

The availability of different colors in modular office exteriors is particularly useful if it is to be used as an extension to existing buildings. Schools often need to expand the number of classrooms that they have to accommodate the growing number of students. Buying a set of modular offices can prove to be an extremely cost effective means of achieving the extra space.

Modular offices also take very little construction time as they are normally delivered pre-constructed. Of course, the utilities need to be hooked up as appropriate, but there is certainly none of the mess and disruption that a traditional construction would bring. Rather than wait for weeks, or even months, for the equivalent sized brick or concrete structure to be built, the modular office can be ready for use within a matter of hours.

The resale value of modular offices is reasonably good. Often, the company that you bought one from will buy it back from you if it is in reasonable condition to use as a rental unit. Obviously, this does depend on the company itself, but second-hand modular offices do sell very well, too, because they are so easy to transport to the new owner’s site.