For example, SSL would be of no use, if the organization is in a habit of sending mails from different departments. The virus scan technology can only prove to be effective, if you regularly update the virus scanner. This is because, time and again, new viruses are found to threaten the computers. Hence, you should ensure that the PROCESS involved in the security system is carried out effectively to meet the security needs of your organization.

There should be a distinct classification of responsibility for different security areas of your business. These areas include:

  • Firewall policies
  • Backup procedures
  • Virus control procedures
  • Disaster recovery procedures
  • Password procedures
  • System access levels and authorization procedures
  • Other traditional security areas

Unavoidable Security Measures For e-Businesses

  • When the sever consoles are idle, lock them with passwords. This will make the systems inaccessible to others.
  • Passwords should be such that they cannot be guessed easily. Moreover, change your passwords at regular intervals.
  • All your network systems as well as web servers should be located at places that are safe.
  • Redundancy systems should be present not only for network systems, but also for air conditioning and other power systems.
  • Source code procedure, process for detecting defects, and other such testing procedures should be in proper working condition.
  • Get a “professional hacker” to try out your web application to spot any loophole in your web program.

Other Security Measures

There are other security measures such as hidden urls, cryptography, identity based controls, authentication single sign on, and others that may be installed to limit access to information.

However, security is a dynamic thing. Hackers develop new ways to attack. Each time this is done, a new security measure has to be devised. As far as internet is concerned, it is difficult to provide 100 per cent security here, as the very idea of internet was to offer an unrestricted way of interaction.