To Whom Should You Report

When you have gathered all aforementioned information, contact either the local office from where you bought the policy or email to the insurance company to report a business insurance claim. It is then the responsibility of the insurance company to call you back. Once the company has acknowledged the claim you can always contact them on the number written on the acknowledgement.

Reporting to Police and Other Related Institutes

If you want to report a business insurance claim regarding theft, personal injury, loss of personal possessions or malicious damage, you need to report it to police. Do not forget to note down the incident reference number, as the insurance company will require it when you report a business insurance claim. You should also call the police if the person whose property is damaged by you is not available. If the incident involves loss of credit cards, then you should report to the credit card company also. Similarly, if a third person is involved in the incident, get his name, address and other contact details. You should also give your contact details to that person. If any witness was there, get his or her details also.

Rest Assured after Reporting

Once you completed all formalities to report a business insurance claim, ball is now in the court of insurance company. It will make arrangements for any kind of emergency repairs immediately. You will get written acknowledgement. It is now the responsibility of the company to ask you if any more information is required. Insurance companies try to reimburse claim amounts quickly and in a fair manner. However, in complicated cases there may be some delay.