Automation is the key that keeps communication consistent.

Start by sharing your expertise in the form of a PDF report that can be easily downloaded. Then your visitor simply follows simple instructions on your site, saves the file to their desktop and they are on their way to understanding more about your work and business. You’ve also provided them with a way to share your business with people they know.

Your cost to provide this idea is effort. Cost to the web site visitor, new prospect or existing client; no cost at all, just great value.

Provide your clients and prospects with a convenient way to opt-in to your list for a weekly or monthly communication about your topic. Commit to sending information at least monthly. Of course, more often is desirable.

This is most easily done by auto responder. Companies like AWeber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and many others provide this service for a very reasonable cost per month.

Automate your communication efforts by using one of these services and you are well on your way to communication efficiency in a minimal amount of time.

Structure your communication for maximum effect.

How do you write about what you know? You need a process to uncover how your knowledge has value to others. Start by writing down four hot issues in your business that your clients care about.

In my business it’s marketing efficiency, consistent communication, sales process development and standing out from the crowd in highly competitive markets.

Here’s how to start sharing your expertise today.

Write down the four key issues in your business. Make sure these points address a challenge or concern your client cares about.

Pick the most important (from your clients view) and write down 6 to 8 sub points. The sub points will be advice you would give your client if you were talking to them one-to-one.

Now, just add detail to your sub points and you have a communication that addresses an issue your client is concerned about.

Remember to “talk” to your clients (first person) and do not write to them (stiff, formal, proper English) when you’re developing your communication.

From there just commit to a timeline, decide on the automation tool you’ll use and communicate every week, every other week or monthly at minimum.

This is a vital business building step. If you aren’t able to do it on your own, get help.

Bill Gluth is a creative thinker and sales process strategist.