• Customer-Centric Approach, Key to Service Excellence:
    To create a model that boasts of service excellence, an organization has to focus on building a customer-centric approach. It has to focus on two aspects to achieve service excellence – customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. A wise management understands the correlation between highly satisfied employees and satisfied customers. It therefore focuses on the well-being of its technical and non-technical staff and creates positive and service-oriented work environment for them to achieve high service levels.

A successful organization thus works on a simple formula – happy employees create satisfied customers; satisfaction among customers induces customer loyalty; customer loyalty ensures long-term financial viability for the organization, which in turn promises its growth.

  • Commit To Relentless Pursuit of Goals:
    A good leader needs to constantly engage its employees in setting and achieving service goals that are relevant, achievable, and measurable. To begin with, the management needs to do a careful study of the existing standard of services and then develop strategies to create higher levels of services by means of value-addition.

Employees who score the highest on the survey forms must be adequately rewarded. This would encourage others to show better performance, which inculcates commitment to provide the best service.

  • Empower Employees with Ownership and Communicate to Them the Company’s Goals:
    Communicate to your employees the purpose of your organization, make them realize their job is worthwhile, and let them feel they are valuable because they are making a difference. Continuously interact with your employees, make daily rounds, and ask they what can be done to improve what they are doing. Encourage honest feedback on the organizational structure and help the employee who comes to you with a genuine problem.

Propagate positive comments on individual or group achievements and give them their due credit. This is an effective tool for creating autonomy in an organization.