Offer sales and discounts frequently. Stock clearing sales won’t just help you make profit on unsold goods; they also get you customers who will be impressed by your competitive prices. Not only will they come back, they will also bring other customers with them.

Keep an Eye on What the Customers Like

If the customer makes her interest in a particular product known to you, then watch out for similar products when they hit the market. Let the customer know when you have them. Chances are, the customer will be interested and you will get a repeat visit.

Insider Tips

Don’t always look to make a profit. Always keep your customer’s interest in mind. If you feel you can offer a better quality product at a cheaper rate than the one they are opting for, do so. You may make a little less the first time around, but when the customers returns, you will be the winner.

Be Specific

Don’t vaguely hint at discounts and how the customer can get products at your store for cheaper rates. Tell them about special offers clearly. Being vague will not get you business, it will just be seen as a stunt to pull in more customers. If you can state clearly what kind of discounts you are offering, the customer will trust you more and drop in to try out your product.

Last Day for The Sale

Set a last date for the sale. This is one of the best ways to get customers flocking to your store. Do not give a vague “maybe another day or two.” Tell them it is going to be over by the 3rd, and this will make those still undecided come to a decision quickly.