There are many social media platforms out there, and knowing how to leverage as many of them as possible is key to maximize your business’s exposure and reach new potential markets. Here are a few suggestions on how to leverage social media platforms that most people use today.

  • Leverage Twitter! Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets your business “follow” certain experts, competitors, and other important entities in your niche. Your customers can also follow your “Tweets,” checking out your newest articles, your latest products, and other updates.
  • Leverage Facebook! Arguably one of the most popular social media platforms out there, Facebook lets you put up a fan page for your company. Some plugins can also let your “fans” and visitors sign up for your mailing list, and Facebook also has a special program for ads and promos.
  • Leverage LinkedIn! LinkedIn is more professional than most other social media platforms, since it focuses on creating contacts between businesses. You can find markets to sell to – as well as other products and services that can help you grow your business even more quickly.
  • Leverage Plaxo! Plaxo is a great way to keep your contact list and calendar updated by syncing all your contacts and events from Google, Facebook, Outlook, and other sources into one place. Definitely a great way to keep track of your business’s important activities!
  • Leverage MySpace! Sure, it might not be one of the most popular social media platforms out there. But it still commands millions of users, and it’s a pity if you don’t make the most of it!

These are just touching the basics on how you can leverage these social media platforms. It’ll take quite a bit of research to uncover even better ways to use these platforms to your business’s advantage. The good news: It’s always fun, and it often doesn’t cost much, if at all.

Social media will keep growing over the next several years, and some platforms – such as Google Buzz – are very quickly changing the scene. It’s always a good idea to leverage social media to a point that keeps your business on top of the competition.