It is recommended that you give your business a legal structure by consulting an experienced attorney who could guide you regarding the kind of entity that is best suited as well as in getting all necessary licenses and permits to begin operations legally.

You will also have to select an appropriate business name that has been formed in compliance with applicable state laws.

Adequate insurance coverage is recommended from a reputed agency.
Extensive market research and competitive analysis are ideal ways of knowing all that you can about the business and the factors that influence it. Studying and analyzing the competition will give you an idea of how to operate as well as think of ways you can gain a competitive edge.

Have a well-drafted business plan with clearly defined target goals and the strategies to be used in achieving them. The plan can be used to measure if the business performs as expected, and novices can use the plan to carry out the daily operations.

It is essential to estimate the start-up costs and get the necessary finances to fund the start-up. Have a well planned loan application ready to convince loan officers to grant you the loan.

Figure out the services that you are to offer such as profile verification, arranging meetings between compatible couples, etc. Know the fee that you will charge, the method of payment such as will you accept, such as credit card payment or PayPal.

It will be necessary to figure out if you will be a virtual matrimonial service with a small office in a commercial area. It will be necessary to make the website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Make sure the web page is well designed and have easy search options to match potential compatible couples.

Make a list of all equipment such as computer, FAX and telephones, scanners that you will require and also decide the number of staff you will require, their organizational structure, and the duties assigned to them. Periodically monitor them to ensure that they are performing as expected.

Have a well-structured marketing and advertising strategy, making sure that the ads are effective and consistent. Use keyword-optimized web pages to help improve your traffic. Offer free newsletters to develop and follow up leads. Use the services as well as products that are in the market to help new entrepreneurs like you succeed.