These are sales professional that work to get you more money from your clients. They add value to your sales process. They help build your affiliates and down lines. Their goal is to make you more money from each sale so that your business can profit. They generally work with top-tier clients to up sell them, which results in a lot more sales over the course of the year.

They take the time to walk your customers through your product and services. They help them set up a business plan, marketing budget, and set goals. PBA’s educate your clients so that they understand how your business works, why they need your products, and how they will benefit from them.

The Benefits of a Personal Business Assistant:


Personal business assistants are professional salespeople, so they understand what type of focus it takes to do their job the right way. You benefit because all they do is close sales. They are closers. A Personal Business Assistant makes a difference in your home business.


Sales are important for your business, especially with high-end products or top-tier clients, because they bring in the most money. The focus of your PBA’s will be sales that will make the company the most in profit. After you bring in the traffic they will go to work with clients, walking them through the buying process. They have the sales experience and understanding of different techniques to make sure each client understands why they will benefit.

Being a closer in sales is not easy, and it takes a talented professional to do so. These types of business assistants spend years practicing different sales techniques to make sure they can sell to any client, no matter what the product or service is. They will be the sales behind your business, while you will be at the forefront bringing the clients to them.

While you may have made the first sale, they will work on up selling to make even more money. Up selling is a lot different from simply making a regular sale, because it encourages the client to spend more money. Its establishes trust and repeat sale.

Marketing Duplication

The best part about a personal business assistant is they are to duplicate. Your affiliates and team can us there services also. Providing easy duplication and marketing for your team will make you financially free.

A good personal business assistant will sell to your clients without making them feel uncomfortable. They can ease a lot of the pressure you’re feeling with sales and dealing with clients, so you benefit in a number of different ways. Their productivity and reliability can make a big difference with your business.

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