This is all well and good, and indeed our senses – taste, touch, smell and sight are responsible for enjoyable things in our lives. How great it is to savour a delicious kind of food like an amazing tropical fruit, to enjoy a drink so tasty or to feel the sun’s warmth on a glowing summer’s day. How pleasurable to look at a sparkling ocean and to hear music being played. The sound of a grand piano, the pull from our middles of a violincello.

But really, these are the more basic of the human functions we have. Senses work only in conjunction with stimuli and if we are not careful, Pavlov’s Dog can begin to best express our behaviours – conditioned and reflex. Unthought-out and rote. Reactive rather than inspired.

Business demands more than senses – more than just a relationship between external stimuli and our senses. Business demands something from the realm of higher human behaviour. It demands that faculty which lifts us above the mundane, demands the faculty which breaks through all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘maybe’s’. It forces from us a relationship with this faculty and says – “stay with me if you want to do well” – that faculty – isĀ vision.

Vision is so important that it can’t be understated.

We all love business – business is something excellent, it brings interaction with others, it brings exchange in terms of money. It can be demanding, it can be tiring, but like a tether of light and pulling us along – it is our vision, and our relationship to vision that determines, in many ways, how well we do.

The vision that we have in business is the same skill, the same type of focus that great men and women have had and developed all through their lives. Greatness in business and greatness in life have no separation.

Great people possess great vision – it is forged by the master craftsman of their will-power in the furnace of their minds. And great businesses require vision too.

So we really must nurture vision – every day we must return to the image we have created of our business and it’s role. In a way, it is our businesses which create our worlds. Vision doesn’t talk in shades of grey – it is always bright, strong and golden.

So your vision for your business could have been to establish a world-wide company – a network of trade, spanning the continents. Or your vision may be to create a product that brings more peace to the world. You may have set out to utilise technology to make people’s lives better, or simply because you love technology so much that you just intrinsically know that you have no choice but to mould it into the most amazing shapes you can. Your vision may simply be to create a business which brings you and your family wealth and wellbeing – all of these visions are worthy. Strive on always with your vision. Take time, everyday to refresh it. Your own mind is the strongest tool you have – vision one of its great powers.

Even as we get older and things change all around us – vision remains constant – as long as we make it strong within us all the time. So do not worry, on those days where an important staff member quits, when the amazing product you’ve just got onto the market doesn’t perform as well as you expected. When your tax bill is higher than you thought and when cash flow problems seem like a big hurdle – they aren’t. Make your vision stronger and obstacles will fall away and your business, and all of your life, will grow strong and radiate life’s excellence throughout.