• Make Survey Regarding the Distance and Size of Prospective Clients:
    Make a survey that how far are the potential clients living from your office. You should be able to reach them with in an hour or so. This is very important factor particularly from the point of networking services. Also, gather information regarding the size of the prospective customers. Ideally, you should start with the clients those having between 10 and 50 computers. If we talk in terms of the annual turn over, the client should have annual sales between $1 million and $10 million.
  • Client should be Serious about IT Requirements:
    Before you start computer consulting for clients make sure how serious they are about the information technology. A prospective customer, who does not have his own dedicated server and accessing the Internet using dial up lines, is not suitable for consultation. However, those who are interested in focusing more on their IT requirements are definitely ideal clients.
  • Far Better Than Traditional IT Jobs:
    Being a computer consultant is definitely more rewarding than joining a traditional job in any IT company. Because in traditional IT jobs, there are several hurdles in the progress those are not under your control. For example, you may not grow as fast as you deserve because of incompetent colleagues, dull management and a system where seniors get the priority whether they are competent or not. On the contrary, when you start computer consulting business these things comes under your control. For example, if your colleague is not able to keep pace with you then you are always free to part with him and invite some better people to join hands. So, if you have the talent and ambition, no one can stop your income from skyrocketing.
  • Increasing Scope:
    The scope for the computer consulting business is increasing with the growth of information technology. It is very difficult to run any business today without using computers. Almost any business organization is looking for some kind of help regarding computers. You also have the option whether you want to become an outsource consultant or internal employee. Either way you are choosing a winning career with bright chances of success and profitability. Furthermore, the computer technology is changing at very fast rate. This fast change is also creating new and new opportunities for the computer consulting business.