A business takes a few things in order to be successful. Unlike many have been taught, it doesn’t take what you think it would. It doesn’t take the right credentials, ‘falling into’ a market, or even going to business school. It is much simpler than this. The only thing that you need to do as a business is watch your character and your ability to open the doors.

A strong entrepreneur is the type that is mentally aware of what is available. They are able to find markets, are continuously working on the next best thing and don’t stop at anything. Their character is aggressive, straight-forward and persistent in getting the job done. Just like someone who is running a marathon, they don’t stop when they get tired. They only stop when they have crossed over the finish line in order to get their medal.

By beginning with these characteristics, you can start stepping towards your own success. It is the development of these few attributes that will lead you into practical actions of helping your business to succeed.

The first application to these attributes is to find the best way to advertise to people. Where will they go to respond to you? How will they catch your name, your services and your business? Some say this is the Internet; however, never underestimate the power of the mail box. This is definitely something that everyone will be looking at every day.

The next way to apply entrepreneurial attributes is to make sure that you are always focusing on a niche. It doesn’t matter what it is at the time, just find a group of people that you know will be interested in what you are offering. Focus on finding the best in the group through assertive means of advertising and reaching out to your niche. This is one of the most important steps to succeeding with your business.

The only other step that you need to take is with your persistence. The more persistent you are the more customers you will find that want your business. The more you focus on finding the right targets, make sure that you get your foot in the door ahead of your competition, and keep working towards your achievements, the more likely you will be to succeed. As W. Clement Stone says, “Inspiration to action.”

Believe it or not, it is these simple things that will make or break a business. Whenever you feel like stopping, giving up, or getting a day job, know that you are on the edge of great success. You just have to get through one more jump before you begin to see the new horizon that will open for your business to be the best.