Determine what you truly love to do

In a word it’s called passion. Doing what we love keeps us motivated and that motivation translates into passion and momentum. We all have some things that we enjoy more than others. What is it that you freaking LOVE to do? Perhaps it’s something that you would do whether you were paid for it or not. Or maybe it’s just a part of your job that gets you stoked or excited. What is that thing? Determine how you can do more of it as well as ways you can monetize it.

Decide what you need to delete or discontinue

This is the hard part. Many of us don’t want to look in the mirror and give ourselves tough love to change something we know needs our attention. However, if you want to grow and win big you must have the conversation with yourself to STOP doing what doesn’t serve you. It could be spending money or wasting time with the wrong people or things. Whatever it is, decide now that you will make a change.

Figure out what you want more of

This is the fun part. Many of us wish we can have more money. Because money just makes things easier for most of us. BUT besides money, what do you need more of? Is it training, coaching, reading, education, networking, collaboration or office assistance? Determine what you need that will move the needle in your business. How can you get more of what you need without necessarily paying for it? It’s time to get creative to figure out how you can get more of what you need to help you grow.

Analyze areas where you need help

There’s something that each of us wishes that we had assistance in doing. If you could wave a magic wand and have the life or business of your dreams… what would be the one thing that you would not personally want to be responsible for? It’s that thing that drives you nuts because you don’t like doing it. Do you need to outsource a particular part of your business? Perhaps you need to bite the bullet and hire someone.