The number one aspect of starting a successful wholesale business is focus. Once you have the ideas and the business action plan set, you need to focus on building such wholesale business niche into a profitable venture. You need to set yourself daily goals as to what you are going to achieve for such 24hrs period. There is a huge difference between having something written and not having anything written down. Both research and even my testing shows that once a wholesale entrepreneur focus on achieving his required written daily goals for his business, the chances of getting the job done are increased. When you don’t write what you need to do either for the day or for the whole week, you are most likely to be as people say- lost at the sea. This is even the primary reason a wholesale business fails in America, they start the business and once they do not see profits as expected- they carry their fault on the business instead of carrying such faults on themselves. Selling wholesale tangible items on the Internet and better yet on eBay works- your first step is to focus on what you need to do each and every day.

Second, if you are going to become a retailer or sell wholesale tangible items either locally offline or on the Internet- you need below wholesale prices for the merchandise you will sell. For most businessman and businesswoman this one is obvious- but in my surprise more than 95% of wholesale business are not buying wholesale merchandise at the best possible prices. It is incredible to see many online wholesale businesses go online and fail because they never had a great wholesale distributor or the perfect wholesale list to start with, thanks to reliable and profitable contacts.

My last suggestion for this lesson as a guy who started earnings more than a thousand dollars in a single day on the Internet is focus, develop profitable wholesale sources to your portfolio and build multiple niches around such business with sub-niches. With wholesale, I can assure you that you can focus in specific merchandise and build sub-niches around it. I look forward on teaching you more.