Month: November 2019

Modular Offices Basics

Modular offices can be leased or bought outright. The cost varies depending on the style and size of the unit and the length of the lease, if applicable. The array of combinations in modular offices that you can have is vast. You can combine open plan office space with toilets, showers, kitchen units, locker space and much more. That is the real beauty of modular offices – you can mix and match to suit your needs exactly.

Building regulations in many countries can prohibit the erection of a brick-built construction, but modular offices are permitted. That is why increasingly greater numbers of premises are actually comprised of modular offices even if they are intended to be permanent fixtures. The loophole exists because modular offices can be moved if necessary. Any one unit can be hoisted onto a low-loader truck and moved on the road. Therefore planning permission for the installation of a modular office is likely to be granted far more easily than for a more permanent structure.

Toilet units are the most common type of modular office that most people have seen. These are used at outdoor events such as music festivals or air shows, for example. The unit has toilet cubicles and sinks with a basic steel constructed shell. The exterior of a modular office can have a variety of sidings to blend in with the surroundings. Almost any color is possible. This can be particularly useful for use at trade shows where a company can rent modular offices in their branded colors if wanted.

The availability of different colors in modular office exteriors is particularly useful if it is to be used as an extension to existing buildings. Schools often need to expand the number of classrooms that they have to accommodate the growing number of students. Buying a set of modular offices can prove to be an extremely cost effective means of achieving the extra space.

Modular offices also take very little construction time as they are normally delivered pre-constructed. Of course, the utilities need to be hooked up as appropriate, but there is certainly none of the mess and disruption that a traditional construction would bring. Rather than wait for weeks, or even months, for the equivalent sized brick or concrete structure to be built, the modular office can be ready for use within a matter of hours.

The resale value of modular offices is reasonably good. Often, the company that you bought one from will buy it back from you if it is in reasonable condition to use as a rental unit. Obviously, this does depend on the company itself, but second-hand modular offices do sell very well, too, because they are so easy to transport to the new owner’s site.

Maximize Retirement

Depending on the organization where you work, your department may organize a farewell function. There may be a lot of speeches from both friends and even from the “non-friends” pronouncing best wished for your future. You accept all the compliments as well as the plaque from HR with grace and gratitude.

As you make your way home after the function, you experience a series of mixed emotions that range from sadness, joy, uncertainty, fear etc. Your mind wanders off to tomorrow, then to the next week and the next month. How are you going to fill that void? For 30 years you have gotten up and prepared yourself for work, drive to your workplace, perform your duties, socialize with your friends at break and most days felt a sense of fulfillment. How are you going to fill that gap? You know that you still have a lot to offer, and would prefer to continue working.

Then you create a false sense of satisfaction by drawing up a list of projects that need to get done around the home. That “honey do list” that you have been postponing until you find the time. Notwithstanding this you still feel that vacuum, because you want something more rewarding and fulfilling. You are not prepared to join the retirement club and sit back in that recliner until your days expire. You have a strong sense of conviction that there is a way you can maximize your retirement.

It is time for you to take ownership of your future. For more than 30 years your employer dictated what hours you work, when you take a break, how much you will earn, when you get paid, when you go on vacation, and the list goes on. Now is the time for you to take back control of what was lost for 30 years. Now you get to decide life on your terms and by your rules. This is not Retirement, It’s Independence Day!

There and lots of opportunities for skillful retirees (both men and women) to maximize their post retirement life. Believe me when I tell you that “you can eat your cake and have it too“. You can embark on a lifestyle where freedom and flexibility is the order of the day. For me it was starting my own home based business, which allows me to determine my hours of work and income, and the flexibility of not being tied down to a specific location. You may have some expertise that you can harness and package into a business solution. As I always say do something that you are passionate about.

To maximize your retirement and optimize your independence, you may need to take some actions that are necessary for your success:

  • Pursue anything that you are passionate about
  • Divorce yourself from the “dream killers” and detractors, who are simply there to throw cold water on your flame of passion
  • Build a circle of influence consisting of people who will encourages and supports your dreams.
  • Think about leaving a legacy for your grandchildren, because your legacy is what you will long be remembered for. Proverbs 13: 22 states that – a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren.
  • Get involved with an online community where you can learn from the experience of others and avoid making unnecessary mistakes that can delay your progress.
  • Last but by no means least, see retirement as sunrise instead of sunset. Therefore don’t retire but aspire to a new lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.

Wealth Creation Formula

Income is King

The most important step in the Wealth Creation Formula is creating income. Income is King and without income, you will fail financially. It’s that simple. How important is income? There are countless stories of professional athletes who have become broke, filing bankruptcies, and working regular jobs after retirement. Of course, their bad spending habits, bad investments, and poor money management have led to their financial downfall.

But the one key that most people miss is that once those professional athletes retire they do not produce those million dollar checks anymore. Their professional careers are over and they stop producing that income. Regardless. if they lived a lush lifestyle if they still had that big payday they would be OK.

Once the income especially those million dollar contracts dry up they are in trouble. They still have to produce income after their careers are over. According to Sports Illustrated, after only 2 years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players were either broke or struggling financially. Within 5 years of retirement, 60 percent of NBA players are broke. When you have expenses and no income to match it the only result is going broke.

Start Where You Are

Income is your source of wealth. Your job or business is the key. Whether you like what you do or not it is producing income. Furthermore, if you are making money there is a chance to create more of it. What I love about the Wealth Creation Formula is that it gives you a blueprint that can be applied to any profession, career, or job.

The best place to start is where you are now. You have a source now it’s time to milk it before it dries up. Your job or your business brings in money. Your next step is to increase your income flow. I will teach you how to do that in the next lesson. For those of you without an income. Go create one now.

Creating Income

If you have a job or a business look for ways to create more income form that flow. If you are unemployed, well you need to get some money. Go get a job, sell some stuff online, go to the streets and beg. You have to get an income flow. You will not get rich without earning money. The question is what can you do now to earn money?

Learn how to create income. You have strengths and a skill set that can get you paid. But you have to learn how to develop it. Your job trained you on how to be employed. Thus you perform their duties and you earn money. With that being said now it’s time for you to learn more to earn more.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler is an entrepreneur and expert in sales and marketing. Charles has a passion for helping people start and run a successful business. You can partner with Charles and start building multiple income streams from your home. Charles’ goal is to help all who partner with him achieve cash flow and profits from their business.

Start a Bookkeeping Business

Most business owners are looking for improvements in any processes and procedures. If you can identify areas where there are duplicate processes or can fine tune the systems to improve efficiency, your role suddenly becomes an improvement to the bottom line, not just an expense incurred for compliance.

Another area of expertise may be in the area of risk analysis and internal control. Highly experienced bookkeepers understand the importance of financial controls, segregation of duties and best practices. This also allows the bookkeeper to improve the value provided to the client by identifying risks in the organisation and improving ways to minimise the risk to the business. If you can save the business owner from a fine, penalty or even an audit due to lack of compliance with legislation, you are a valuable asset to the business.

Payroll is often a requirement for a bookkeeper to perform. This however can be expanded beyond the payroll generation and compliance with associated items such as work cover, superannuation,payroll tax and tax. You may have deeper experience in human resources or staff management. Depending on the requirements of the client and the business size, there may be opportunities to offer additional HR type services beyond basic payroll and compliance services.

IT skills and experience could form an additional area of expertise. For example as part of the asset register, depreciation or budgeting process you may have the opportunity to look at the infrastructure or software used by the business. If you have the skills and experience, it may be an opportunity for the client to go cloud based, or online with software or even select more appropriate software for the entity.

Many small enterprises need experience in multiple areas but they may not have the budget for specialist services. This is where you can add more value to your service offerings. I am not suggesting you are suddenly a Jack or Jill of all trades, especially if you have not had exposure to these types of tasks. However looking beyond the traditional bookkeeping services may help you not only increase your revenue but the perceived value of your service.

Lean Manufacturing Techniques

You might argue that you already do it, but have you paid enough attention towards the implementation stages at the micro level. Are they functioning best to the capacity? Are there any wastes created as a part of the overall functioning? If the answer is affirmative and you think you can ignore it than think again.

Wastes might seem a byproduct with minimal impact, but you would be amazed tom know that this factor if catered to can lead to huge differences.

  1. So just start by realizing that the waste in the system must be identified and eliminated.
  2. Once the realization stage has been tackled with, identify the key causes of such waste.
  3. But of course, before eliminating the apparent causes, would you not like to understand the principle factors behind such waste generation. So, in the third stage pinpoint the key factors.
  4. Eliminate them, that is how they deserve to be treated and towards this goal, it is best to treat the various departments as one.

The stages are clear, methodology in place but how do I go about bringing these stages into practice? It is easy, just deploy the Lean Manufacturing Techniques and see them work for you. There are many techniques, which can be successfully deployed, and covering them all in a precise article is perhaps not possible. However to get a feel of things, few techniques are mentioned below, but it is advised to seek careful and detailed professional advise to get the desired results.

  • Workplace organization or organizing your work area. The simple principle is that any worker should be able to locate his or her official belongings within 30 seconds.
  • Change over and set ups to work on the downtime. Preparation of old equipments, cleaning the area and setting up of new ones should be like blink of an eye.
  • Storage policies that ensure minimal travel and finding time.
  • Ensure quality at the source point by implementing careful inspection policies.
  • Consistency in the operations and generating standard product to ensure minimal wastages.
  • Cellular or flow manufacturing which advocates compiling all necessary equipment to manufacture one product to be coupled tighter in the same premises.

Lean manufacturing techniques promise to yield glaring changes to the manufacturing systems by working on the root causes rather than watering the leaves. So just follow these cost effective techniques and see the results for yourself.