• Products: Now with this topic there may be a few ways to look at it. For instance, if you are going to be selling a product you’ll want to know how “in demand” those products or services are or will be. You’ll probably make the most money with the products that people use frequently or can be used all year long such. There’s also the side of just absolutely believing and wanting to share the products. On this side, the money is ne but you’re more into the products and even use them yourself. I believe that one this side, success will come naturally.
  • Support: When I was searching and sifting through the many different direct sales companies the number one question I asked was “How is your support and your up line?”. You may that think you’ll only get positive responses because they want you to join their team, but you would be surprised about how honest people are. For instance when I asked one gal, her response was “When the company first started out they had some minor problems, but they have worked really hard to get things right. I almost didn’t stick with it but thought I would at least give them a chance.” Now, that shows you a lot about the company and the representative you would be signing up under.

You want to make sure you have an awesome support team and up line. You want to sign up with a consultant who can help you succeed and give you support you need when or if questions or problems arrive.

  • Quotas/Costs: This is another biggie for me, especially if you are new to direct sales arena and do not have much experience with selling or marketing. I always check the quotas that are required for consultants to meet in order to stay active. Find out if there are any costs involve. Costs can include: start up costs/kits, website, etc. Most companies do have quotas that need to be met to make sure the consultants are serious about succeeding with the company. Quotas are good, just not outrageous ones!