Month: June 2019

Leverage Social Media For Personal Business

There are many social media platforms out there, and knowing how to leverage as many of them as possible is key to maximize your business’s exposure and reach new potential markets. Here are a few suggestions on how to leverage social media platforms that most people use today.

  • Leverage Twitter! Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets your business “follow” certain experts, competitors, and other important entities in your niche. Your customers can also follow your “Tweets,” checking out your newest articles, your latest products, and other updates.
  • Leverage Facebook! Arguably one of the most popular social media platforms out there, Facebook lets you put up a fan page for your company. Some plugins can also let your “fans” and visitors sign up for your mailing list, and Facebook also has a special program for ads and promos.
  • Leverage LinkedIn! LinkedIn is more professional than most other social media platforms, since it focuses on creating contacts between businesses. You can find markets to sell to – as well as other products and services that can help you grow your business even more quickly.
  • Leverage Plaxo! Plaxo is a great way to keep your contact list and calendar updated by syncing
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Successful B2b Collaboration

Collaborative tools need to be utilized on time, effectively and efficiently by the right people, and are necessary for successful B2B collaboration. Low-tech collaborative tools include emails, instant messengers and bulletin boards.The more high- tech tools are application and desktop sharing, and video conferencing etc. are used for effecting communication and collaboration between organizations. For effective collaboration, the right people have to use the right resources in order to achieve the common goal of both parties. A secure system will allow the right people have the latest information on time helping them take informed decisions that will help guide the B2B networking towards its success.

Tips To Ensure Successful B2B Collaboration:

  • It is necessary for the partners to be able to share information extensively in a secure atmosphere to ensure both can work together to achieve the target goals.
  • Companies can install the latest automated systems to perform their tasks and ensure that information is available uninterrupted when needed.
  • It is better to enforce security and administrative policies to help create, maintain and terminate access rights to data.
  • Properly delegating tasks and establishing the level of security regarding their access to data is anther important aspect to be taken care
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Entrepreneurial Mind Frame

Is the American dream a possibility for anyone, or, does it take more than most to become a successful entrepreneur?
The success of an entrepreneur does depend on their mindset. A large percentage of business owners will quit in their first five years in business. What is needed is the fortitude and belief that goes with attaining success.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and dreamers. The difference between the dreamer and the entrepreneur though, is that the entrepreneur takes actions based on their dreams. They persist through the hardships and never give up! Many entrepreneurs start with an idea. Their success is determined by their belief that they can create something greater than simple monetary success. Often, it is about creating something which will benefit the world.

James Dyson, for example, came up with the idea of the bagless vacuum cleaner. Despite multiple set backs, over 5000 prototypes and not being able to get any manufacturers or distributors to accept his idea, he persevered. It was over a decade after his initial idea when his concept came to fruition. Even then, it was after a lot of difficulties and hardship due to the vacuum replacement bag industry, which was worth £100 … Read the rest

How To Retain Customers


Offer sales and discounts frequently. Stock clearing sales won’t just help you make profit on unsold goods; they also get you customers who will be impressed by your competitive prices. Not only will they come back, they will also bring other customers with them.

Keep an Eye on What the Customers Like

If the customer makes her interest in a particular product known to you, then watch out for similar products when they hit the market. Let the customer know when you have them. Chances are, the customer will be interested and you will get a repeat visit.

Insider Tips

Don’t always look to make a profit. Always keep your customer’s interest in mind. If you feel you can offer a better quality product at a cheaper rate than the one they are opting for, do so. You may make a little less the first time around, but when the customers returns, you will be the winner.

Be Specific

Don’t vaguely hint at discounts and how the customer can get products at your store for cheaper rates. Tell them about special offers clearly. Being vague will not get you business, it will just be seen as a stunt to … Read the rest

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Employee dishonesty coverage is meant to cover your business against criminal acts of any kind by your employees. It could be theft with a view to financial gain, or willful damage to your property out of any motive.

  • Theft: When employees steal money, equipment, property of any kind, or securities like passwords, bonds etc., you can suffer huge financial losses. Employee dishonesty coverage safeguards you from such loss.
  • Damage to Property: Willful damage to property by an employee out of rage, revenge, or any other motive can also cripple your business. Employee Dishonesty Coverage covers this kind of damage.

One of the main drawbacks of the Employee Dishonesty Coverage is that the burden of proof lies on the owner. Insurance companies pay for losses only if it has been conclusively proved that the loss was due to theft by employees. Employee dishonesty coverage does not cover.

  • Unexplained disappearance of Property
  • Loss of employees’ property.
  • Damage that has been covered by another insurance policy.

Employee dishonesty coverage is meant to cover your business against any crime by employees. Some of the basic facts about employee dishonesty coverage are discussed below.

  • Employee dishonesty coverage offers blanket coverage for your business against theft
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Start A Logistics Equipment Company

Logistics Business: Making a Start.

  • Decide The Kind Of Equipment You Will Deal In: The logistics equipments are as varied as the industries it caters to. You can go for transportation equipment like forklifts, carts, cranes, trucks etc. Alternatively, you can deal in machinery used in factories, like racking, sorters, packaging equipment etc.
  • Pick The Area You Wish To Be: Do you prefer manufacturing logistics equipment, selling them, or renting them?
  • Build a Brand: Once you have started your logistics equipment company, you must strive to build a brand name for yourself. People will deal with you not only if you offer cheap goods, but reliable and quality products.
  • Choose Customers Well: Do not just go by the volume of orders that a client places. Keep an eye on long-term growth prospects and try to build a good relationship with your customers. Their referrals can be of invaluable help to startup a logistics equipment company.
  • Location: Location is an important factor in your logistics equipment business. Your business must be located close to industrial belts.
  • Adherence to Quality: In the logistics equipment business, quality and price are both important factors. Never compromise on the quality of goods because you wish
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Generating Profit for Social Change

First, to achieve success as a social entrepreneur, you need more than a business idea. You need a business strategy and the tenacity to see it through.

Why a social entrepreneur?

Have got what it takes? Don’t answer immediately, think about your motivation, is it because you want to do some good or find a way for to give back to society? Being a social entrepreneur means dedicating time, money, and efforts to help solve the issues of other individuals. You need to figure out why you want to become a social entrepreneur in the first place and understand all its aspects. Remember, self-reflection is the key that will keep you going and will prevent you from going off-track.

Your primary objective

If you are ready to take this path, then it is time to decide what your mission is going to be. Which issue(s) are you going to tackle? Think about abilities, previous experience, professional skills, and whether you have access to the required resources. Have a clear-cut plan and finally decide if you want to tackle that problem. Research thoroughly about the type of social business setting you want to work in and learn more about competitors. If … Read the rest

Right Business Structure

When you are starting a new business, one of the first decisions you must make is what kind of business you wish to start. The kind of business you choose depends largely on your personal assets, and when you make this decision it effects how your business will be viewed by the IRS and by investors. A popular option for first-time business owners is a sole proprietorship. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of business, so research all the different kinds before choosing the one that is best for you and your business situation.

Most businesses start as a sole proprietorship. This kind of company is owned only by you and run only by you, so you are responsible for all of the actions of the company. To the public, you are the company. Sole proprietorships work well for CPAs, freelance artists, craftsmen, and medical professionals who see no need in the future to expand their business to include more employees or to sell stocks to investors. Many sole proprietorship businesses are run from the home.

In starting a small business you should never think you can do it alone! One of the best ways to insulate … Read the rest

Basics of Lawn Care Business


Lawn maintenance is a seasonal business. The prime business period is usually from April to October. This is subject to the climate of the location where you operate your business. During the spring season, you have to start marketing your service aggressively to gather enough clients to last you through summer. In the fall, you should be winterizing lawns and doing other jobs like raking leaves. If you have past due accounts, this is also a good time to start collecting them. Winter is consider a downtime for lawn maintenance but you can consider offering extra service like snow plowing to keep the cash coming in.

Types of services

If you are just starting out and working alone, you may want to offer only basic lawn maintenance like mowing, edging and trimming. Once you have a regular client base and are more proficient in planning your schedule, you can consider offering extra services such as bush and hedge trimming. This is also a good time to bring in a business partner to help you share the workload and possibly expand your client base.

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Info of Entrepreneurial Discipline

Use a calendar – either manual, digital, or both. Check and update it every day. Being organized is essential to entrepreneurial discipline. Set reminders for yourself and make sure you read them. Distractions will arise throughout the day which may cause you to glance over things. An overlooked appointment can mean a missed business opportunity; it can be hard to get second chances when there is competition lurking around the corner.

Have a good filing system. Locating important papers or tracking your follow-ups is extremely hard to do if you do not have a good one in place. If you are working alone or have limited space, file items in order of importance, set reminders to review them and be sure to mark them as complete. Consequently, this will help you remember what you are currently working on or what has yet to be started, especially if you easily get distracted. Marking items as complete also provides a sense of accomplishment. Trust me; a check mark can go a long way when your to-do list seems to get longer and longer.

Dedicate at least one hour of your peak time (the time when you get your best work done) to … Read the rest