Month: September 2019

Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Delegation is the Key

Often entrepreneurs get bogged down with work. They get so busy in the routine activities that they find no time for review, develop and grow the business. The key to give your business the time it needs and this can be easily accomplished by delegating the routine tasks. You certainly don’t need high budget for that. You can easily hire freelancers to help you with the task at affordable prices.

Review, Remind and Meet the deadlines

Review and remind yourself about the short terms goals you’ve specified. Set achievable deadlines and ensure that the deadlines are met. You may also automate some of the tasks using apps, programs etc. Google it and you’ll see loads of apps available which you can use in your business.

Celebrate the Success

Pat yourself when the targets are met. Give yourself a reward when your goals are achieved, no matter how small. After all, every positive step takes you closer to your bigger goals.

Socialize with likeminded people

Often motivation and inspiration is derived through peer pressure. So, keep yourself in good company of budding entrepreneurs and people with positive bent of mind. You can discuss the challenges, seek their … Read the rest

Start a Business With $1000

Buy a Computer and Internet Modem

Look for a cheap HP Desktop computer for around $150 and Internet high-speed modem with excellent service at $60 to get started. However, the amount you pay to the internet service provider depends on the provider you select, the speed of the service as well as whether you bundle the service with your cell phone, landline phone, and cable Television. It is the ISP that offers you access to the internet to carry on with your business.

Get Licensing

Starting a business whether internet business or offline business requires registration and licensing with the federal or state government. Therefore, you are required to obtain licensing for about $100 for launching your website for the blog posting.

Register a Domain Name for Your Business and Host it

Your domain is the URL or the uniform resource of your blog and you can compare it to the street address that people can use to locate you. There are no two URLs that have the same domain name, just as there are no two houses with a similar address. Hence, there is the need for you to register and host the domain name. You can get hosting … Read the rest

Insolvency And Bankruptcy

Plan Diligently

Insolvency often interchangeably referred to as bankruptcy indicates a scenario where the businesses are unable to cover up the debts and the overdrafts from the market exceed the sales. The outcome – the firms are forced to either file bankruptcy or are forced by creditors to dilute and cover the outstanding.

Then the issue that has gained much more speculation in this sphere is the difficulty faced by younger firms, typically in their growing stages. Well this can be attributed to the fact that newer firms typically demand higher cash out flow and promise minimal returns (at least in the initial time frame). The investments far surpass the promised revenue. What is than important is the careful planning before getting oneself into such troublesome environment. Even small mismanagement or lack of strategic planning at the initial stages can certainly lead to the undesirable situation name insolvency or bankruptcy.

Another observation closely related to this scenario is lack of apt supervision and planning. Various powers tend to over rely on their managerial group and thereby end up in situations where the most important decisions are not tendered to as carefully as they deserved.

The observation: “look closely”.

Bankruptcy /

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Industry Domination

  1. Prioritize: Prioritize the list of all critical systems* in your business. You will start with the most important ones first.
  2. Research: Research and benchmark the current level of effectiveness of the target system.
  3. Imagine: Imagine new ways you can innovate the current system. See my example below for clarification. (I intentionally use the word imagine because you must not only “step outside the box” of conventional thinking, you must often smash that old box to pieces!)
  4. Make your move! Take action on the 20% that will give you 80% of the needed results.
  5. Observe and optimize: Observe your changes, measure and record your results, and change your approach as necessary until you get the results you want.

Recently, Greg Wittstock of Aquascapes Designs was featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine proving the value of these principles. As the article highlights, he innovates so quickly that his competitors are simply unable to keep up. It’s what has allowed him to go from $800,000 in sales in 1995, to a projected $44 million this year.

If you want to accelerate your success and innovate at a pace that you don’t even need to think about what your competitors are doing, you’ll … Read the rest

Make Sure Your Goals Are High Impact

Goal setting can fall flat when they fail to meet valuable criteria that guide you to implementation success.

That’s why I created a tool called IMPACTOR Goals. So you can make every minute spent goal setting count, and to pave the way for achieving them.

IMPACTOR is an acronym that points out the key steps in setting goals that matter, so your business can have impact.

IMPACTOR goals begin with impact, which I define as where your unique business meets the world and makes it a better place for all of us. Your impact intention needs to be clear before you begin. What difference do you want to make?

Make sure your goals are measurable. It’s tempting to be vague. Don’t give into that. What you measure is more likely to happen.

Goals should be specific, particular. Rather than saying, I want more customers, make your goal 10 more customers. Or two joint venture partners, rather than just ‘more’.

When you get in the planning fever, lofty goals can take a bigger place than is healthy. Goals should be challenging, yes, but make them achievable as well, so you don’t freak yourself into paralysis.

Can you describe your goal … Read the rest

Magic of Business Referrals

One of the big things in internet marketing has been affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are kind of like the old multi-level marketing systems where other people get paid to sell your products or services. Or they get paid to send visitors to your site. Usually the higher selling affiliates get extra rewards (if they don’t they should )

So why am I talking about affiliates here? Because affiliates refer. And that’s what I want you to do. Find people to refer clients to you.

You can ask past clients, friends, business acquaintances, friends. Ask anyone you can think of. Ask them by letter or in person. Doesn’t matter how. Just do it.

Because here is the magic of referral systems. Direct mail to a cold prospect returns between 2 and 3 % responses. So, mail 1,000 direct letters and an average response will get you between 20 and 30 replies.


Get someone to refer a business or client to you and your response goes up to a whopping 60%!

Now, you probably don’t have 1,000 people or businesses you can ask for referrals from, but let’s say you have just 10% of that–you’ve got 100 people you can ask.… Read the rest

Ways to Fail at Business

The first way to fail at working an online business is to try to do everything at once. There are tons of gurus online telling you to do this, that and the other thing and you will be successful. What you as a person interested in online marketing has to do is successfully separate the “real” from the “fictional” and this is not always easy to interpret.

Look at the sales letter and see if there are what I call “massive statements” meaning those statements like, “Purchase this item and you will never need any other marketing tools” or “This particular item will be so easy to use that you will have $1,000’s of dollars in your bank account next day”. Exaggerated claims are the first key to knowing when you are being hyped. Only one situation will bring you success online and that is work and diligence to your business attitudes and service to customers.

Another way to fail online is to avoid spending time researching your niche or your marketplace. Your customers have a certain mindset, a way they like to shop, how they find your websites, etc. Make it easy for them to find out your attitudes, … Read the rest

Create Creative Inspiration

Record Everything

When you are thinking about a good idea, it’s important to find a way to record it so you don’t forget. One method that some people use is to get a small recorder. Some phones can be used as a place to record your ideas and inspiration by voice, or by using the stylus and writing on a notepad. The important thing is to get the ideas down so you cannot forget them. Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea.

Organize The Thoughts

Once you write something down, you can go in at any time and organize those ideas into more cohesive and complete thoughts. You can chunk things up into like ideas, expensive ideas, doable ideas and however you want to do it, so that you can start making implementation plans.

Trust Yourself More

As you are going through the ideas you recorded while you were inspired, now that you’re looking at it with more critical eyes, it’s important to maintain your excitement and enthusiasm. Trust yourself that you understand your goals and what you want to accomplish so that you can get out of the box and think more creatively.

Practice Creativity

The more … Read the rest

Logistics For Small Businesses

Advantages of Logistics Management

Logistics improvements can effectively reduce the cost of doing business as well as improve profits greatly. It also improves efficiency, reduces inventory, improves delivery time and customer satisfaction, as well as giving your business a competitive edge. You can manage and improve the logistics or outsource if you cannot do it yourself. When you opt for out sourcing, you get a professional to help improve your logistics, as well as to reduce costs, which may take some time if you plan to do your own logistics improvements. Businesses have to keep their logistics in order; if they want to succeed Careful planning as well as incorporating the plans will help achieve that.

Different Areas of Logistics

Several service providers, such as, accountants, attorneys, bankers insurance agents, information technology experts, website developers, e-commerce gurus, travel service providers and real estate service providers keep logistics for small businesses in order. If the advice of these people is sought and used, small business will definitely see improvements in all aspects of the business. They have to be consulted when a small business is to be started, as they will help your business take the right steps to ensure success. … Read the rest

Starting A Car Repair Business

As a Net-based car repair guide. You can start the guide business on the Internet. A car repair guide business on the Internet covers every kind of vehicle, from its make to the model. It is an essential part of a do-it-yourself lifestyle. Each guide is specific to a vehicle and includes detailed information and diagrams on how to get your truck, car, or SUV on the road again. The car repair guides have step-by-step instructions along with wiring diagrams and photographs, repair tips and specification charts. The ten most common repairs and tasks that people do themselves are changing the oil, replacing the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, battery, disc-brake pads, drum brakes, ignition coils, electric fuel pump, and jump-starting the battery. These repair tips help in saving money in the long run and help in increasing the life of the vehicle.

A car repair guide includes maintenance and troubleshooting tips to keep your car running like new and to figure out the problem when something goes wrong. It is a must for millions of motorists and has become a very popular industry.

As a franchisee car repair business. The other option is to be a part of … Read the rest