We take risks every day. Ultimately things either goes well or they go badly. So why are many of us so worried when we have to make a decision that involves money? The fact is that most of us are afraid to lose money. We have culturally been exposed to the tradition of being afraid to lose the security that money supposedly brings them. Plus it has been a standard in our country that losing is for losers, even though people like the Donald lose money from time to time or filing new 3-paper corporations for bankruptcy and yet many people do not understand what happens under the curtain. The problem is that most of us do not see ourselves as being wildly successful. Therefore, instead of trying to grab for the brass ring, most of us avoid taking any chances of becoming losers. Has the tradition and culture implant fear on us. Boy that is a big yes.

But what if you do not want to think like that? If you want to position yourself with the ultimate goal of achieving financial freedom through owning your own business, what can you do to make risk the smartest decision of your financial career? You can start by changing the way you think about risk. You could stop thinking about risk as being highly dangerous, as something that has to be avoided at all costs when it comes to wholesale or doing general business. At least that is what I will do. Starting your own business is taking a risk. Accept that, and learn how to take smart risks. There is a big difference between a risk and a smart risk, and I am more than confident than you know that.

If you plan your business carefully, do your due diligence, take the steps you need when you need to take them, you will reduce your risks enormously. Learn quickly from your mistakes. Take action. Move forward. Taking the risk of moving from a job to a business can be a smart career move in my experience and strong opinion. You will be your own boss with nobody telling you what you need to do and when you need to do it. That for many of us as entrepreneurs are ways more smarter than enriching someone else. No matter if you are 20-60 years old, you can still smell the roses of freedom even if you are retired or planning too. You will be responsible for your success or failure. If you plan well and take action, the smartest decision you could ever make in your career is to start your own income producing business.