Deep Breathing

You can release anxiety by learning how to breathe. You have to breathe from your abdomen. By breathing deeply and calmly from your abdomen, you trigger the vagus nerve which will cause a relaxation response in your body.


Proper meditation allows your brain to go into deeper frequencies and relaxation. Meditation is an effective way to learn what is discomforting you the most. If you connect with your higher self, while observing what is causing your anxiety, you can diminish it. For meditation to be effective, you must be in an area that is silent.


Giving yourself a massage can be a quick and easy way to release some tension and pent-up anxiety. The places you should give yourself a massage are neck, foot, shoulder, and hip. Sometimes anxiety can cause physical tension, so try your best to release it.

Have some tea

Tea can help calm jitters. However, do not drink too much. Have one cup of tea in the morning to get your day started and that should help lower the stress that is in your body.


Yoga is a great way to release the tension that is in your body. If you are having trouble finding a class near you, you can try an online program.

Create positive visualizations

Identical to affirmations, a positive visualization can help you feel more optimistic. Instead of thinking about what will go wrong once you start a business, think about all the positive outcomes. Sometimes it is better to live in the realm of possibility than reality.

Stop drinking caffeine

Caffeine stimulates adrenal glands in your body. When your adrenal glands are stimulated, you can cause your body to go into stress. If you need some energy, drink a glass of warm water with lemon.