Facebook has its own marketplace. This area of the site allows people to advertise their products and services. This is a fantastic and successful way to create worldwide publicity for a business. If you are looking for particular products or services then you can use the Facebook marketplace to find them.

Setting up a business page on Facebook is quick and easy. A set by step guide is listed below:

Log onto your account, then scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

Locate the word “Advertising” and click on it, this will link you to another page.

When the next page opens locate the word “pages” and click on it.

Click on the green box labelled as “Create a Page”, this is located on the right-hand side of your screen. You will now be required to enter your business information in order to set up a business page.

Once you have created your personal business page you will have an application added to your account. This application is known as “Page Manager” and can be found on your log in page at the top of the screen on the left-hand side. Clicking this link will open your business page, this is where you will go to add or edit content.

You will need to choose a name and category for your business page. This should be considered carefully. The name of your page will be used to form your keywords. These are the words that will allow your page to be picked up on when someone does a search.

The information and applications that you use on Facebook are up to you however, you should try to use applications that represent your company in its best light. People will be looking at this page and forming an idea and opinion about you and your business so you want it to be professional.