• Information Transfer Is Unidirectional
    Information can flow in both directions, either from or to the ERP. If the ERP is integrated with the plant, it will have a bi-directional information flow.
  • ERP Integration Is All About Copying Data
    Since older methods of integration follow a system of copying a tag and its profile, business owners think modern ERP system can be integrated the same way. However, there is more to ERP integration, since the business related-date that the ERP handles is very different from what the plant handles.
  • The ERP Can Come Up With Standardized Answers All the Time
    Many people think that queries related to a business process follow a set pattern, as do their answers. They cannot be more wrong. Even if the system knows the right question, the right answer may depend on a number of factors.
  • You Must Use Only the Latest ERP Technology
    Although the latest ERP integration technologies offer many advantages to small business owners, they have their own share of problems. The biggest problem is the integration of new technology to the old. In some systems, you will find that retaining older applications may be more useful than overhauling it completely.
  • ERP to Plant Integration Needs To Be Total
    The ERP system deals with business process, while the plant, system deals with manufacturing and procurement issues. While the plant capacity fluctuates, the ERP capacity remains stable.
  • Data Security Is Compromised When You Integrate Plant to ERP
    Nothing can be farther from the truth. Many people are concerned about what happens to the data that is not on site. The ERP programmers have spent a lot of time and money on making the system as foolproof as possible, so even data that is not protected by elaborate passwords are not easily accessible to unauthorized personnel.
  • Installing ERP System Means That You Can Keep Fewer IT Staff
    The ERP system is not meant to replace your IT staff, it is there to help them with day-to-day problems related to maintenance and troubleshooting.