Talk It Over

Ask your customer what exactly he is angry about. This will give him a chance to think what exactly his grievance is and maybe calm down. This also signals your sincerity and wish to solve the problem.

Ask the Consumer How You Can Avoid Such Problems In Future

The best way to show your sincerity in resolving the dispute is to ask the consumer how you can ensure that this does not happen again. Listen carefully to whatever suggestions she may give. The consumer will be satisfied that you did not intentionally cause harm, and you will get suggestions on how to improve your services.

Don’t Fight Over the Phone

The biggest no-no, when it comes to handling dissatisfied customers is to try to shout them down over the phone. If the customer has a complaint, insist on meeting her and talking it out instead of yelling over the phone.

Third-Party Mediation

Third-party mediation is not useful only in politics but also in business. Involve a third person to listen to both sides and help you reach a settlement. This will also help the warring sides calm down, since people are reluctant to battle it out, when there are others watching.

Be Inclusive

Whatever the consumer’s complaint might be there, be sure that your tone and language suggest that it is your problem, too. Try to minimize the use of “you” and employ the word “us.” This will passively help you steer the conversation toward less acrimonious channels.