Market Analysis: Analyzing the current trends and determining what changes are necessary to be implemented in order to capture the market is the first step. Study the market and determine your competitors, make a competitive analysis, determine ways to better your competitors, understand what your customers need and develop your products accordingly. Instead of targeting a general market try targeting specific markets and develop adequate marketing and advertising strategies so that customers are familiar with your brand name. Make sure there are value added benefits to entice customers to try your new range of products, make sure that the new range does not eclipse existing product line and both are given equal prominence.

Growth: In order to tackle new markets, you may target new customers with a new line of products as well as to improve existing products adding new features to grab the attention of existing customers. Changes can be made to the product introducing variety to the existing line of products there by targeting a slightly different market. Change and growth is necessary to prevent the company from stagnating or even worse suffer loses due to monotony. Some companies tackle new markets by developing a new niche. Study your target market and determine what your customers need and try to develop products that will suit their needs. Make sure the quality of your products is consistent and that it is never compromised.

Developing Your Sales Channels: Getting your existing distributors to distribute your new lines, as well as, carefully selecting, recruiting and establishing good relationships with new distributors is essential. Develop an in-depth marketing strategy and implement it carefully to make sure your products are popular with the customers is essential.

The Internet has become a boon as products can be advertised and broken into new markets easily using permission based e-mail marketing strategies. Manufacturers can dedicate websites to their products and help customers learn more about the products from the comfort of their homes. Offer free newsletters services whereby you can acquire a list of potentially interested candidates who you can follow up periodically through e-mails too. When carefully drafted strategic business plans are used, a business is sure to succeed in tackling new markets.