Size of the Company is Irrelevant

The first exporting basic to learn for the international trade is that you do not need to be a very large corporation. Although, this is true that the major share of international trade is in the hands of large companies yet small business owners are not trailing very far behind in this sector and are grabbing the opportunities available. U.S. Department of Commerce has indicated in its survey that only 40% of the successful companies in the field of international trade have more than 100 employees. This implies that 60% of the export business is in the hands of the companies that are not very large. In fact, it is not size that determines the success in international market but success depends more on the service, price and the quality of the product.

No Need of Big Marketing Department

Second exporting basic to understand is that you do not require a big marketing department for exporting purpose. If you are a small business owner and sells occasionally and in small quantities then only one employee is sufficient to handle the job of marketing and transportation rather than having a separate department and several employees specifically for this purpose. Alternatively, you can start international trade by delivering your product to an intermediate agency in the United States itself instead of starting direct export to the foreign countries.

Focus on Competitive Price, Regular Supply and Quality of Product

Another exporting basic to know to begin the international trade is that it is not essential to have large volumes for exporting business. Active involvement of several small business owners in the field of exports is a clear indication that you can start with small quantities. A foreign buyer is more interested in the competitive price and continuous availability of the product rather than expecting big quantities every time. If you are committed to the export business then you should focus on reasonable prices and regular supplies instead of bothering about the quantity of the product.