You might argue that you already do it, but have you paid enough attention towards the implementation stages at the micro level. Are they functioning best to the capacity? Are there any wastes created as a part of the overall functioning? If the answer is affirmative and you think you can ignore it than think again.

Wastes might seem a byproduct with minimal impact, but you would be amazed tom know that this factor if catered to can lead to huge differences.

  1. So just start by realizing that the waste in the system must be identified and eliminated.
  2. Once the realization stage has been tackled with, identify the key causes of such waste.
  3. But of course, before eliminating the apparent causes, would you not like to understand the principle factors behind such waste generation. So, in the third stage pinpoint the key factors.
  4. Eliminate them, that is how they deserve to be treated and towards this goal, it is best to treat the various departments as one.

The stages are clear, methodology in place but how do I go about bringing these stages into practice? It is easy, just deploy the Lean Manufacturing Techniques and see them work for you. There are many techniques, which can be successfully deployed, and covering them all in a precise article is perhaps not possible. However to get a feel of things, few techniques are mentioned below, but it is advised to seek careful and detailed professional advise to get the desired results.

  • Workplace organization or organizing your work area. The simple principle is that any worker should be able to locate his or her official belongings within 30 seconds.
  • Change over and set ups to work on the downtime. Preparation of old equipments, cleaning the area and setting up of new ones should be like blink of an eye.
  • Storage policies that ensure minimal travel and finding time.
  • Ensure quality at the source point by implementing careful inspection policies.
  • Consistency in the operations and generating standard product to ensure minimal wastages.
  • Cellular or flow manufacturing which advocates compiling all necessary equipment to manufacture one product to be coupled tighter in the same premises.

Lean manufacturing techniques promise to yield glaring changes to the manufacturing systems by working on the root causes rather than watering the leaves. So just follow these cost effective techniques and see the results for yourself.