Know the Core Message You Want to Deliver

Every business owner has a core message that they’d like to deliver. If you know what you want to give to the world in your book, it’s going to be easier to write it. It doesn’t always have to be literally related to your business; it can be peripherally related.

Understand What Your Audience May Want to Know Next

As you are writing the book write down things that seem as if they should be next. You’ll also be able to find out what they want next when they start asking questions, but keeping a narrow focus on the book is of utmost importance.

Decide If You’ll Write It or Hire A Ghostwriter

You know you don’t have to write the book yourself. You can hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. All you have to do is speak into a recorder, or write down a lot of notes, or ask them to read your blog if you’ve written and published extensively, to help you get your core message down in a book. Hiring a ghostwriter is very common.

Publish Digitally and If Demand Is Great, Offer POD

When you finally publish it, you want to offer it digitally first. But, you want the option to POD (print on demand). Kindle offers this option to you free of charge. You just need to ensure that it’s formatted correctly so that if it’s printed it looks just as good as the digital version.

Be Willing to Promote Your Book as a Business

Once you publish a book, you have to think of that book as a business of its own and promote it as such. Send out a press release, try to get on relevant podcasts, TV shows, and speak at events – all the while promoting the book which also promotes the rest of your business.

Build Your Mailing List

Inside the book, in the front and the back, you’ll want to provide your author website so that they can join your mailing list and find out about all the other books, products, and services that you offer surrounding the topic.